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DAI has advanced know-how and the ability to make the automation in your system work like the best – reliable – safest vehicle you have every driven. DAI is always interested in looking at new challenges.

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  • Eric E. Daigle, P.E.
    Eric E. Daigle, P.E.PRESIDENT

    “Our company was started with the aspirations of having a great environment to do what we like to do best. Our employees were chosen based upon their drive to succeed and their enthusiasm to conquer something new. Spending several years overseas working in third world countries, I’ve come to realize that we are so fortunate in the USA. It is important to make the most of every opportunity, and this is our opportunity to shine.

  • Danny Alexander
      Danny AlexanderVICE PRESIDENT

      “This company has been a long time aspiration for all of us here at DAI. We have been blessed with this opportunity to develop a company that can offer our passionate dedication to our Customers; so, that we in turn may provide them with the confidence in knowing that they will receive the absolute best products and services that this industry has to provide. DAI is built around a group of individuals whose core beliefs stand strong with integrity, their faith, family, and business ethics, and it is my honor to serve our Customers with them.”



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