“Our company was started with the aspirations of having a great environment to do what we like to do best. Our employees were chosen based upon their drive to succeed and their enthusiasm to conquer something new. Spending several years overseas working in third world countries, I’ve come to realize that we are so fortunate in the USA. It is important to make the most of every opportunity, and this is our opportunity to shine.

Education & Affiliations

  • B.S., Electrical Engineering, University of Maine at Orono, 1989
  • Professional Engineering License, State of Texas #87680, State of Louisiana #30848
  • Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
  • Member of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
  • Certified for Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) panel fabrication

President & CEO, Flint, TX,
Jan. 2003 – Present

DAI provides Engineering, Design and Fabrication for Electrical and Control Systems for industries worldwide. In addition to the normal duties as president I also have performed the following work while at DAI:

North America:

  • Murphy Oil Company, Superior, WI – Tail Gas Unit
    • Burner Management System Commissioning and Consulting on Reaction Furnace
    • DeltaV Control System Support
    • Operations Support
  • EPC, Inc. Whitehouse, TX – Hydrocarbon Dew Point Plant
    • DeltaV Control System Engineering and Design for entire plant
    • Operations Support
  • VME Process, Whitehouse, TX – Glycol Unit & Production Units
    • Desalter Control Panel Design
    • Instrument and Electrical Design Support
  • Hunt Oil Company, Dallas, TX – LNG Project
    • Distributed Control System & Emergency Shutdown System Consulting (SIL review)
  • Navajo Refining (Holly Corp.) – Artesia, NM
    • Honeywell TDC 3000 Distributed Control System, Compressor Controls & Burner Management Systems
    • Supervised construction and performed pre-commissioning & commissioning of plant
  • Wynnewood Refining Corp., Wynnewood, OK – Diesel Hydrotreater & Vacuum Unit
    • Honeywell TDC 3000 Distributed Control System & Burner Management Systems
    • Performed loop check and DCS testing for Hydrotreater Unit

South America:

  • Petrobras, Maceio, Brazil – Cryogenic Gas Plant
    • DeltaV Control System Commissioning and Start-up Assistance
    • Control System Design for entire plant. All logic for plant was done in control system per customer specs, including turbo expander, compressors, dehydration and heater logic
    • HIMA Emergency Shutdown System Commissioning and Start-up Assistance
    • Operations Support
  • Repsol, Margarita, Bolivia – Hydrocarbon Dew Point Plant
    • DeltaV Control System Commissioning and Start-up Assistance
    • Hot Oil Heater, HP and LP Flare Commissioning
    • Operations Support


  • Kyrg Oil, Kyrgyzstan
    • Replaced out dated Azonix DCS with new DeltaV System within 2 week shutdown schedule. Plant started up immediately with no delays.


  • Cameroon Oil Transportation Company (COTCO), Cameroon – 2 Crude Oil Topping Units
    • Process Training and Technical Support
    • Operations Support
    • Commissioning and Start-up Assistance
  • Petrofac, Tunisia – 28,000 m3/hr Gas Conditioning Plant
    • Project Management for DCS, ESD and Fire & Gas System
    • Construction, Operations and Commissioning Support
PETROFAC | 1995-2002

I/E/C Engineering Manager

  • Responsible for managing the activities of the instrument, electrical and control system engineering for the company;
  • Ensure that project execution activities are carried out within the constraints of established budgets and schedules;
  • Guide the activities of proposal preparation for instrument, electrical and control system engineering;
  • Administer the department budget;
  • Provide training and guidance as needed to enhance the effectiveness and promoteprofessional growth of direct reports;
  • Develop, implement and maintain procedures to insure compliance with the qualityprogram;
  • Prepare employee performance evaluations and administer salaries;
  • Plan manpower requirements, recruit and hire personnel as necessary to support businesslevels;
  • Assign work and set priorities to support project schedules;
  • Ensure that engineering, drawings and equipment meet contractual requirements andcomply with project budget constraints;
  • Responsible for ensuring ISO 9000 compliance for the department

Sr. Control Systems Engineer/Specialist Supervisor

  • Worked with Process Engineering and other required disciplines to define functional specifications for digital control systems;
  • Prepared or oversee preparation of cause-and-effect diagrams, logic diagrams or other documents defining functional specifications of digital control systems;
  • Prepared or oversee preparation of purchase specifications and requisitions of hardware and associated documentation of digital control system components;
  • Oversaw preparation of engineering drawings related to digital control systems;
  • Performed all necessary programming and configuration of digital control system components;
  • Provided technical assistance for shop fabrication and checkout of digital control systems;
  • Provided technical assistance in preparation of project proposals involving digital control systems;
  • Provided start-up assistance as required.
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Experience With Estimating, Designing, Implementing, & Commissioning The Following Control Systems:

  •  Modicon 984, Quantum and Compact PLC’s
  • Allen-Bradley PLC 5, SLC 500, ProcessLogix and ControLogix PLC’s
  • Intellution, WonderWare and PanelView Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)
  • Foxboro I/A Distributed Control System (DCS)
  • Azonix DCS
  • Honeywell TDC 3000 DCS
  • Honeywell Fail Safe Control (FSC) Emergency Shutdown System
  • HIMA Emergency Shutdown (ESD) System
  • Moore APACS DCS
  • Fisher-Rosemount DeltaV DCS
  • Dynamic Fluid Flow Computers
  • Daniel Flow Computers
  • Halliburton Flow Computers
  • Burner Management Systems
  • Fire and Gas Systems
  • Yemen Hunt Oil Company, Oil & Gas Production Facilities, Republic of Yemen
  • Kyrg Oil Company, 10,000 BPD Crude Topping Unit, Kyrgyzstan
  • Sante Fe Pacific Pipleline, Transmix Unit, California
  • Shell Oil Company, SRU & Amine Unit (Offshore), Venezuela
  • Petrobras, Dehydration & Amine Unit, Bolivia
  • Oxy, Crude Topping Unit, Ecuador
  • Petrobras, Cryogenic Gas Plant, Brazil
  • Orion, Hydrotreater, Louisiana
  • Murphy Oil USA, Tail Gas Unit, Wisconsin
  • Repsol, Hydrocarbon Dew Point Plant, Margarita, Bolivia
  • Navajo Refining (Holly Corp.), Gas Oil Hydrotreater, Artesia, New Mexico
  • Wynnewood Refining Corp., Diesel Hydrotreater & Vacuum Unit, Wynnewood, Oklahoma
  • Petrofac, 28000 m3/hr Gas Conditioning Plant, Tunisia, Africa
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