Ensuring All Details Of Your New System Work Perfectly
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Testing is one of the most important, yet often overlooked parts of a project. Frequently, testing the details of a new system is left up to the initiative of the operators. Ultimately, without testing, productivity suffers and frustration grows. Testing is the best solution for mitigating the anxiety typically associated with the first few critical weeks during and after start-­‐up.

Using a variety of methods, DAI will custom tailor a testing solution for your application.


Foundational DCS testing on a new system would typically include the following:

  1. Graphic Display Navigation ‐ How to efficiently find what you’re looking for.
  2. Graphic Display Symbology and Color Definition ‐ What each symbol represents, its function, and the importance of color and their priorities.
  3. Faceplates, Trends, and Historical Data ­‐ How to quickly access faceplates, trends, and historical data, and how build custom groups and trends.
  4. Alarm and Event Data ­‐ How to quickly access and decipher.
  5. Controller Mode and Parameter Changes – The why and how of changing from Auto, Manual, and Cascade modes. Changing setpoints and output parameters.
  6. Complex Loop Explanation ‐ The in­‐depth explanation and operation of complex control loops specific to your process.
  7. Process Overview ­‐ The ins­‐and‐outs of your process and how it should best be operated.

After having successfully completed the testing, the operators will be confident in managing and controlling the system. This minimizes downtime, upsets, and nuisance events. Ultimately, investment in testing results in improved productivity. Daigle Automation Inc. is confident that with our testing methods, a new control system will be well received by the inside and outside operators and will function with increased efficiency.

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