Experience & Efficiency Combined To Produce The Highest Quality Products
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DAI builds electrical control panels, fabricates structural steel and piping, and we paint, insulate, test, and install our work around the world.

The DAI fabrication shop combines experience and efficiency to produce the highest quality products. Our staff is insightful, knowledgeable, and continuously displays the highest level of craftsmanship.

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) lists DAI as a 508a Industrial control panel builder, and this provides our customers with a specific assurance of our commitment to the industry standard.

Safety is a high priority in all aspects of our work, for it is always one of the highest priorities of DAI clients.

In addition to fulfilling our client’s needs and expectations, our fabrication shop builds to specification and follows applicable codes and standards. Because we are industrious and efficient, we are able to meet tight schedules and deadlines.


As with our engineering, our fabrication shop has a broad base of experience and has had the opportunity to fabricate all shapes and sizes of carbon steel and stainless steel panels. Our fabrication shop has built marshalling cabinets, DCS, ESD and PLC cabinets, local control panels for BMS and compressor applications, junction boxes, ignition transformer boxes, and power control panels. These panels have been built for both non-­‐hazardous and hazardous areas using both explosion proof enclosures and purge/pressurization systems.

Insight, knowledge, and experience are apparent in our upfront engineering and design phases. These traits are continued in our fabrication, testing, and commissioning. Thoughtful allowances for field construction, start-­‐up, and production are inherent throughout our development process. The results are panels that portray the quality and accuracy of a staff guided by safety, insight, accuracy, confidence, efficiency, and experience.

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